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Herbal Remedies
Image by Jesper Aggergaard
Personal Trainer
 Conventional Care

State of the art technology for a comprehensive medical and diagnostic exam. Includes DNA testing.

 Alternative Care

A holistic approach to preventive care where herbal medicine, spinal exams, neuropathy treatment, and more are used.

Therapeutic Care

Includes therapeutic massages, aroma therapy, acupressure, and meditation techniques to reduce stress and full body recuperation. 

Taking care of your health


Your generous donations are what make your community Wellness & Optimum Care Center a reality. To become a private member a donation of $1000 or greater per year gives you unlimited access to the center.

Only One of its Kind

Our focus is on small businesses and their employees, individuals, and families in need of care who are underinsure or uninsured. Unlike other centers, we rely on the support of local members. 

Insurance or government programs are not necessary.

Primary Doctors

Our physicians focus on prevention. A complete comprehensive health report is administered by our team of professionals. Patients can choose from an array of treatments that best fit their health goals and work with physicians to monitor their progress. 

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