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About Us

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The Wellness and Optimum Care Center is a preventive care facility backed by the non-profit 47 Million Reasons (47MR) that believes in full, comprehensive, preventive care for EVERYONE: un-insured, under-insured, for the people!

47MR was founded in 2009 when there was a record number of uninsured Americans. Under the Obama presidency, healthcare reform for all was well underway, however, with the current state of affairs the future of healthcare remains in question. 

The current system focuses on treatment not on prevention, with about 16% of doctors in this country practicing any sort of preventative care. Even with Obamacare's elimination of pre-existing conditions, the cost of healthcare extends into the trillions of dollars with no end in sight. Costly claims still run rampant making affordable healthcare options hard to come by for many Americans. The Wellness and Optimum Care Center is committed to offering a comprehensive solution. 

We are committed to offering our members comprehensive options for all their preventative healthcare needs. By focusing on the physical as well as the mental, nutritional, and, in many ways, spiritual well being of our members we believe that, together, we can change the course of healthcare across the country. 

Come visit and feel the difference. 

Providing you with the best comprehensive preventive exam for the best choice of care

 Dr Harry Bayron
Medical Director

Dr. Harry Bayron is a retired board certified pediatric cardiologist.

 He is a Florida licensed physician, published author in pediatric cardiology, and holds several medical patents.  He established his practice in Palm Beach County (PBC) where he 

evaluated and treated patients from the prenatal period to adulthood.

Dr. Bayron served as an advisor to the PBC Healthcare District for 15 years and subsequently served as Assistant Director of Managed Care.   

His awards include Physician of the year by the  PBC American Heart Association, Pediatric Teaching Attending Physician of the Year, and was named one of the best doctors in South Florida and in South Eastern United States. 

Specialist Physician 

 Dr specialist in Spinal care.                 Her experience in massage therapy, physical therapy, and chiropractic services provides a healthy approach for all patients.

Friendly Young Doctor
Attending Physician

 Dr. is a Board-certified physician who specializes in Age Management Medicine which involves evidence-based preventive and regenerative medicine that focus primarily on optimal health and vigor. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine and a Master of Public Health..  

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